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Why you gain weight

Why you gain weight

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what makes you fat?

Empty calorie

Some people just wonder how they ended up being overweight, well there are so many reasons why you are overweight. Top of the list being you eat a lot of waste and when I mean waste I talk of empty calories, how many pizzas do you eat a day, how many fries, chips, ice  cream do you take a day? You are the only one that can answer that so better tell yourself the truth. In your paper, write down an estimated amount of pizzas, cookies, soft drinks you take a day.

Does that shock you? It should.

Now try to remember times you eat them and write it down as well.

Another major factor is


You spend useful time worrying about things you can or cannot change, when you worry too much, you are just wasting reasonable amount of precious time. As it is often said, time waits for no one, not me not you. You got to get of that couch and stop worrying about nothing.

 Do you sleep well

Yeah, you didn’t know you can gain weight by not sleeping well, well yes you can!!!!

You spend your nap hours watching you tube and blockbuster movies and at the end of the day, you end up getting little or no sleep. When sleeping, the body is in a catabolic and anabolic stage, it builds up cells and breaks down nutrient so imagine after eating all the pizza you did, your body does not even get the chance to break them up. Sleep is essential in weight loss. Believe it or not but it’s so true!!

Size of food we take at a time

For those that don’t eat empty calories and still get fat, have you checked the size of your plate? I won’t usually say this, but when I was on my journey to fitness, this was my challenge. I eat more than my body could handle at a time. I know you think it’s unfair, you still feel hungry if you eat little amounts, well that’s where your diet comes in.  take a look at lose weight through diet to know how to solve this problem.

Well there are many reasons why you add up flesh daily, but these are top o the list, control your lifestyle and eating habit

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