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Want a fitness coach?

Want a fitness coach?

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Hire me as a Fitness coach

Hi am sephada, am a fitness coach. I help people become better versions of themselves. I do this by

  • making you a fitness meal plan

I would plan your everyday meal targeting weight loss. However you make the meal yourself based on the fitness plan. My job is to make the diet plan for you. This would include what to eat, what not to eat and times you should eat them.

  • Referring you to the best cardio workouts

I would refer you to the best cardio do at home or gym workouts that can boost up your body’s metabolism and make digestion faster. This would include best times to workout and in between rest days.

  • I would be your fitness partner

You would be free to interact with me informally once we know ourselves a little bit. You can tell me where you experience difficulties and problem in fitness and I would help you solve them the best way I can.

Losing weight is easier than you actually think. All you need is focus.


If you are interested.

Consultancy fee is $20.

Personal contact would be sent after payment is made and your fitness meal plan and workout routine would be delivered to you via email.

Payment details would be sent after your “am interested” email is received from you.

The only person delaying you is you.

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