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Lose weight through workouts and exercise (burn that calorie baby!!)

Lose weight through workouts and exercise (burn that calorie baby!!)

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Lose weight through workout/exercise

This is what this article is all about

  • what does losing weight mean
  • what workouts should i do
  • does working out mean i can whatever i want
  • why should i cut down my calorie intake
  • why much exercise do i need to lose weight
  • workout tips to help me

Losing weight through exercise and workout sometimes turn out to be a delusion for some people. To lose weight through exercise and workout you must be determined and focused. The whole idea of losing weight is simply to burn  more calorie than you take. In order to burn those calories, you must exercise and work out.

What workouts should I do?

Most people tend to burn more calorie with aerobic (cardio) exercise than with strength training. This is not to say that strength training does not burn calories, it does but will not achieve a significant amount of weight loss you might want. So stick to cardio exercises for faster result.


Does working out mean I can eat whatever I want?

Working out does not give you the pass mark to eat whatever you want whenever you want. You must combine the two, eat healthily and work out frequently to achieve a successful weight loss program.

Skipping food is also not an option, when you skip important meals, your  body derives its energy from your muscle protein which might lead to stroke in some cases that is why you should never skip your meals.


Why you should cut down your calorie intake

Results show that you need to burn off 3500 calories to lose a pound. For instance, if you burn 200 calorie in one workout, it would then take you up to 18 workouts to lose pound. If you then cut your calorie intake by 200 calorie and in addition burn off 200 calorie, this definitely means it would take half as long to lose a pound.


How much exercise do you need to lose weight

Schedule at least 250 minutes (up to 4 hours) each week for high and mild intensity workout. A cut down calorie intake will reduce your workout hour by 2 each week. The major factor about working out is consistency and patience. You can’t lose a whole pound in a day, you have to work hard and get closer to your goal each and every day. One thing is to lose weight, another thing is to maintain it, don’t lose weight to gain weight. Lose and maintain it, that’s where the whole joy is.

Few tips to help you out

  • Plan your workout :- keep a calendar and lists of days you do your workout, select suitable times and dates for each workout, mark each day’s success
  • Weigh yourself everyday :- weigh yourself everyday to track your progress
  • Have an exercise partner :- things get done easily when you have someone to do it with. Find a workout partner, it helps.
  • Don’t overdo it :- this is one things I tell people every time, don’t over work out. It has side effect, give yourself a day or two to rest.
  • Make your meals yourself :- it is always better to prepare your meal yourself. Plan your meal before hand so it would be easier for you.

Here are the best beginner workout routine for you


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