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Lose weight through DIET (you never knew this)

Lose weight through DIET (you never knew this)

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Lose weight through diet

Most of your weight gain is through diet, the reason why you gain weight is because of what goes in your mouth. Remember its garbage in garbage out. You won’t lose weight if you don’t monitor and curtail what goes in mouth on a daily basis, am sorry but that is the bitter truth. It is the best and surest way to lose weight. Here are some diet tips that would help you lose some pounds.

  • Never skip breakfast

Are you surprised to find this top of the list? Well don’t be, people have this delusion that the more food you skip, the more leaner you become. I like to put it this way, the more food you skip, the more weaker your muscles get, the more closer to death you become. You put your entire health at risk. Although intermittent fasting is good once in a while but don’t do it excessively. Always eat breakfast.


  • Reduce the amount of food you take

The amount of food you take everyday determines how you turn out. Sometimes we take more food than our body can digest at once. When you take a lot of food at once, your body digest so little. Where do you think others would go? Some end up in your small intestine while some becomes stored fat. Take moderate food at a time instead of eating a large amount once, divide them up and eat them at different times so your body can digest them. Eating small portions at mapped out times helps to burn calories faster. To achieve this goal, use smaller plates in serving food.


  • Reduce the amount of high calorie food

High calorie foods are needed in our body for sure. Don’t get me wrong, our body needs certain amount of calorie a day, but the issue is here is taking high calorie foods excessively. We should train ourselves to avoid high calorie foods that would only add stored fat to our body. Learn not to eat more calorie than you can actually burn.


  • Eat more of fiber

Fiber is an amazing and essential nutrient to the body. It lowers cholesterol levels and helps to control sugar level. High fiber food makes you feel full therefore reducing your daily food intake. Here are some high fiber foods.


  • Drink more of water

You obviously don’t know the importance of drinking enough water. In a weight loss journey, plenty of water at certain intervals might be all that matters, drink more of water and see the transformation.


  • Eat more of vegetables and fruits

Without being told, vegetables and fruits should be among your everyday meal plan. Aside from the fact that they contain certain minerals and vitamins that build our muscles and defines them, vegetables and fruits keeps us full and healthy.


  • Stop taking excessive soft drinks

Soft drinks mostly contain empty calorie which are harmful to our body. They offer little or no nutritional value and as such should be eradicated from our diet.


  • Reduce the amount of processed foods and snacks.

Snacks are a good way to feel full but excessive intake is injurious to our health. Processed food items include any food that has undergone some certain changes prior to consumption. Many processed foods lack nutritional value and freshness. Eat fresh food more often than processed food.


  • Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol has no nutritional value, reduce or entirely stop alcohol intake. Excessive intake of it has a harmful effect on your kidneys.


  • Stop stress and worry

Worrying is a lifestyle you should definitely change. Worry adds nothing to your body’s wellbeing instead it inhibits its functionality.


  • Get more active

If you are an indoor type of person, it would really do you good to become more active. Go hiking, take strolls, run every morning. Do things that help in the metabolism of your body and increase your heart’s functionality.


  • Sleep on time

To give your body a chance of rest after the day’s hard work, we should always hit the bed on time and avoid taking any food once its past bed time.


  • Follow a meal plan

Follow a stable and specific meal plan including all the right nutrients in your meal. Don’t have an idea what that is? Click here to order for an effective meal plan for you.


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