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Fitness exercise for lit abs

Fitness exercise for lit abs

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5 most effective workouts for lit abs

Yeah I feel you, you noticed your tummy is always looking bloated and full, now you need to rock those abs to make you feel better. Well it is easier said than done, if you really want to gain those abs, here are the best abs workout for beginners.

Wait pause, if your target is just to get a flatter and more defined abs then this is for you but if you want to lose weight generally, I think it has to do with a lot more than exercising. To lose weight you need exercise /workout, a healthy and precise  diet plan, a changed lifestyle etc. if your goal is to reduce generally then you might want to take a look at how to lose weight generally.

However some fitness coaches don’t believe on On-spot reduction. But there should be results when you actually put work into something. Now you know this, lets get the ball rolling. These are five exercises to stick with, do it at least four times a week for the best results

  1. Flutter kicks :- don’t be deceived by the name, this is one of the most effective workout for your abs. it strengthens and defines your abdominal muscles

How to

Lie flat on your back with your face upwards, raise your leg one after the other in a 30 degrees angle, do it faster and concurrently with your speed increasing. If you feel pressure on your abdominal area, then you are doing it correctly.


  1. Leg raises:- leg raises my look so simple and easy to do, but it is so effective and defines your abs quickly.

How to

Lie flat on your back with your face facing upwards, raise your both legs at a 90 degrees angle, then lower them gently to the starting point again. Increase your speed as you advance.


  1. Bicycle crunches:- bicycle crunches targets the Rectus Abdominis crunches, with bicycle crunches, your dream of achieving a lit abs becomes a reality faster than you think.


How to

Lie flat on your back, put your hands behind your head then bring your knees closer towards your chest. Lift your shoulder blades off the ground, do this gently in order not to pull your neck. Starting from the left, straighten your right leg out while turning your upper body to the left, bring your right elbow towards your left knee. For this workout to be effective, make sure your rib cage is moving too, not just your elbow. Switch sides and repeat the same on the other side to complete the first rep. do this for another 20 reps.  .


  1. Mountain climber:- this is popular in the fitness world, the list probably won’t be complete without mentioning it.

How to

Lay in a high plank position, get your right knee under your left side torso, make sure your toe is off the ground. Return to your right knee and repeat the same on your left knee this time getting it to your left side torso. Repeat this and continue until you feel the pressure. Do this 20 reps for the best results.

  1. Plank:- plank is a fitness exercise that has a lot of advantages. it might look simple but its actually a little bit hard. Every beginner needs this, it strengthens your abs and builds your isometric core

How to

Lay on your face, raise your forearms until they make a straight line with your elbow thereby raising your shoulders. Make sure your hands are shoulder width apart. Raise your lower body with your feet to the ground. Maintain a straight line from your heels through the top of your head, tighten your abs and hold, inhale and exhale slowly to last longer. Do this one minute everyday and increase the time as you go forward.

These workouts are super effective, you have to be consistent with it. Got any questions, comment down below. Do you want to interact personally with me, click the hire me tab.

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