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Five trending sneakers for women

Five trending sneakers for women

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Five trending women sneaker 2019

  1. Afrik blue trainers

While many women love to keep it simple and classic, some love colour, and if you are among the latter category, then you should not miss getting this for yourself or any of your colourful friends. I know you probably Sneakers are dope, wearing them comes with so much benefit. While sneakers are everywhere and in many stores, you should wear the ones that really suites you. Here are the trending women sneakers having second thoughts, its normal. But am telling you this is good. Its your choice still.

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  1. New fashion sneakers

Talk about the classy, I love everything about this sneaker, from the detail to the outlook. Its light weight for sports and also fashionable.


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  1. Breathable lace up

Chick and classy, that’s my definition for this sneaker, although its for athletics, it can serve other purposes. Don’t worry about the colour, they come in others too. Wear this to a party and feel really free, pair it up to fit your outfit.

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  1. Breathable ankle sneakers

I love this, its popular among celebrities, if you are looking for simple and at the same time very classy, then this is definitely for you. Wear anywhere. It comes in white too, incase you are not a fan of pink.


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  1. Exquisite ladies sneakers

Talk about being girly, this is for beautiful, superb, delicate, lovely and wonderful women. If you fall into any of these categories, then what are you waiting for. You deserve this dear. It is a sneaker for work and fun.


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